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Assist! My Gymnast Is Immediately Afraid to Bounce to the Excessive Bar – Stick It Lady LLC

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Help! My Gymnast Is Suddenly Afraid to Jump to High Bar - Stick It Girl Blog

It is a widespread worry and/or psychological block that I take care of in my psychological teaching observe.

Typically the gymnasts I discuss with who’ve this bother are typically within the youthful age – round 7 or 8 years previous. They’re usually small (partly due to age and generally they’re particularly petite) and that bounce from low bar to excessive bar is an enormous one for them!

Most of them have both witnessed a teammate fall on that very same talent or have heard of it taking place to another person. This worry then will get of their head and so they start to query their very own skill to catch the excessive bar and worry falling after grabbing.

Gymnasts who’ve a worry of this bounce may bounce after which contact the excessive bar however not maintain on. Or they could sit in a squat on and never bounce in any respect.

What begins as a worry of falling/slipping on excessive bar can then flip right into a block. Her mind begins freezing her as much as keep away from the potential of hurt. It is a vicious cycle and might go away your gymnast (and her coaches) completely confused.

If this feels like your gymnast, don’t be concerned! There’s a resolution.

Listed here are the issues I recommend to assist your gymnast work by the worry of leaping from low bar to excessive bar:

1. Give her thoughts one thing productive to consider.

When worry guidelines, ideas similar to “What if I fall?” or “I can not do that” typically creep in. These ideas trigger her physique to enter “hazard” mode which makes that bounce practically unattainable. 

As an alternative, when your gymnast can get right into a behavior of claiming useful phrases throughout her bounce, she will be able to re-train her mind to concentrate on phrases that may assist her go for her bounce. 

These phrases may sound like: “squat on, bounce, seize, swing.”

Your gymnast will observe saying these phrases each time she does this bounce and/or makes an attempt it. If going for this bounce with a spot can be too scary in your gymnast, then she will be able to observe by squatting down on the ground underneath the low bar and saying the phrases whereas she jumps up and catches the low bar. This fashion she is re-patterning her thoughts and physique to say these phrases and go for the bounce.

She will additionally observe this on her house bar or on the playground bars (clearly provided that it is protected and with parental supervision). 


2. Have her coach spot her as a lot as she wants.

Whereas this can be a talent your gymnast might as soon as do, in these moments she must be noticed so her mind can really feel protected and never go into fight-or-flight. Many coaches get cussed in pondering that in the event that they spot their gymnasts, they may by no means have the braveness to do the talent alone once more. In a case like this, that does not maintain true.

Whereas a gymnast goes by this worry/block of the bounce from low bar to excessive bar, she wants her coach to identify her as a lot as attainable. For some gymnasts, even simply having coach stand there’s sufficient. 

In the end in case your gymnast can get noticed again and again whereas saying her phrases (“squat on, bounce, seize, swing”) she’s going to type new connections in her mind that may make that bounce really feel simpler and simpler. Once more, the aim is for her to suppose useful ideas whereas moving into the repetition of doing her bounce again and again. In time, this bounce will come extra naturally for her and will not elicit the identical worry it as soon as did.

Coaches may additionally strive placing blocks underneath the excessive bar and seeing if their gymnasts will go for the bounce like that. You possibly can then take away a block as she will get extra comfy.


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3. Do not put stress in your gymnast to do that bounce.

Typically, as mother and father and coaches, we predict gymnasts want some motivation once they’re afraid. However worry can overrule all motivation, particularly when it is taking place from the activation of her fight-flight-or-freeze response.

While you put stress in your gymnast to do her bounce (similar to: “You must bounce otherwise you will not be capable of compete bars” or “In case you do not bounce, you must do further conditioning”), it solely provides to the worry response. 

Sure, will your gymnast must scratch bars if she will be able to’t do her bounce? In all probability (though you possibly can have her compete with coach recognizing her and have your gymnast take the deduction). However she already is aware of that! So she does not want it to be said again and again. 


In case your gymnast did not witness a fall or hear about that being a risk, it may very well be the stress that’s inflicting her to dam on this talent. Typically the considered not making it to the following stage or desirous to compete effectively could cause a gymnast to dam on numerous expertise. If so, the identical strategies above nonetheless apply. However then your gymnast should work on making her pressures really feel “lighter” in order that her mind is not placing on the brakes. In case you suppose that is the case in your gymnast, attain out to me for help. It is a case the place I might must work along with your gymnast individually.


Whereas this bounce from low bar to excessive bar can really feel like a very massive deal, particularly when it causes extreme angst in your gymnast, do not forget that gymnastics is about extra than simply doing expertise. It is about studying management your ideas and fears. The psychological expertise and methods your gymnast will study because of going by this battle will assist her in her future as a gymnast, in addition to in life. Is not gymnastics simply the very best sport there’s?!

Hold in there, mother and father. Hold in there, coaches. Hold in there, gymnasts! Take it at some point at a time. Concentrate on what you are able to do within the current second. And all the time bear in mind – this too shall cross.



In case you or your gymnast wants help, along with the assets under I additionally provide one-on-one teaching classes by way of Zoom.


Gymnastics Mental Blocks Guidebook for Parents


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Gymnastics Mental Coach Anna Kojac, M.Ed.

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