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Regionals Reside Weblog – Day 4

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Saturday, April 1 SCORES STREAM
6:00pm ET/
3:00pm PT
Oklahoma Regional Closing
[1] Oklahoma
[8] Alabama
[9] Kentucky
[16] Ohio State
8:00pm ET/
5:00pm PT
UCLA Regional Closing
[4] UCLA
[5] Utah
[14] Missouri

Congratulations, you will have graduated to the regional finals. In our first ultimate, Oklahoma shall be among the many many (many) prime groups that can attempt to increase their effective-but-not-amazing efficiency from the semifinal with a view to reestablish nationwide dominance—and shall be closely favored to take action. A repeat of Oklahoma’s semifinal efficiency would nearly certainly be sufficient to qualify right here, however they’ve extra to present on a number of occasions and didn’t even 198 within the semifinal.

The actual battle is predicted to be between Alabama and Kentucky, which as soon as once more switched their hierarchy from SECs (when Alabama got here out forward) within the regional semifinal with Kentucky beating Alabama by a tenth this time, thanks largely to beam. With a aggressive 197.350 within the semifinal that just about matched what Kentucky and Alabama did, Ohio State may also view itself as on this one, although if we discovered something from the semifinals, it was that evaluating precise scores from two periods goes to be a idiot’s errand.

The judges additionally swap up their occasions for at the moment, so it’s not going to be the identical panel that judged that occasion within the semifinal.

Starting on beam, Kentucky could have an pressing rotation to start out, and outscoring Alabama’s vault could be a very good early indicator for them. Ohio State begins on flooring, usually the high-scoring occasion, so if at the moment goes to be a factor, they’ll should be prime 2 after the primary rotation. 

We’re dwell on the printed. Sam is telling you to not make errors. In case you have been planning on making some errors.

Rotation 1

Gladieux – VT – Alabama – yfull, good distance, small hop again, little pike on the finish. 9.850

Luksik – BB – Kentucky – onodi, good – bhs loso, chest down, verify – cat leap to modify 1/2, below break up – full flip, good – beat, good ft – gainer pike, caught. Her rating is up as 9.837, we don’t do this many judges but. Now 9.825

Good dismount touchdown from Sievers on UB. 9.900

Paradise – VT – Alabama – y1.5, fairly notable hop to the facet and out of the realm, some knees. 9.850

Fletcher – UB – OU – piked jaeger, hit – toe on, huge pause, will get round the proper approach – pak is clear – slightly rushed on ultimate solid hs – FTDT, good stick to complete. 9.875

Doggette – VT – Alabama – higher than the primary day however a really giant lunge ahead on her y1.5. 9.800

Procasky – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso, good ft, exhibits strong amplitude – cat leap to modify ring, good – aerialt o beat, good ft – gainer pike, good

Hudson – VT – Alabama – Y1.5 – lands a bit deep, one other giant lunge ahead with a sideward step. 9.800

Vetter opened flooring with 9.850

Smith – UB – OU – good first hs – Ray, strong – hits hs on excessive – toe on to pak, easy – 1/2 activate low, good end place as all the time – hits hs on excessive – DLO, piking, almost sells stick, lean ahead into salute

“Leg-in Smith”

Blanco – VT – Alabama – a greater Y1.5, medium hop ahead, they wanted that one because it’s been tough to date. Nonetheless not a stick although. 9.875

Bowers – UB – OU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, a hair shut at the moment – pak, pretty – 1/2 activate low, good – hits good ultimate hs – FTDT, caught. Good.

Olsen – VT – Alabama – DTY, lands a bit low chest at the moment, small hop ahead, may get hit for brief touchdown in the event that they wish to. “I’ve seen her do this vault completely……as completely as she will do it.”

9.975 for Bowers with the shut catch, in order that.

Olsen nonetheless goes 9.900 on vault.

Davis – UB – OU – pretty first hs – higgins to piked jaeger – good hs – pak, legs collectively – good hs – higgins to doguble entrance 1/2 out, will get the stick this time with a stagger. Oklahoma will rating 1,000,000 on bars.

Bunn – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, proper on – swap to separate, good – 2/1, caught touchdown. Very good.

Alabama goes 49.275 and it may have been decrease. Going to inform us that we’ll see some sticks of 10.0 begins go 9.950+ at the moment.

Oklahoma 49.675 on bars. Is it good?

We’ve had some lengthy scoring delays on beam for Kentucky however the scores have been good.

Edwards – FX – Ohio State – double pike, nice open – again 1.5 to format, good straight format form, good management – swap facet to popa, good – double tuck, good open, little rebound.

Patterson with a reasonably large wobble on her loso collection on beam.However does stick her gainer pike. 9.875 with the wobble.

9.950 for Edwards. They’re going to transform the ground rating they wanted.

Hodges – FX – Ohio St – double pike, bigger bounce again – break up leap full to popa to popa, good completion and clear landings – rudi to excessive loso, effectively managed

Worley safe collection on beam, aerial to bhs loso. Caught 1.5. Only a small verify on her full flip.

9.875 for Hodges, Ohio State goes 49.475 on flooring. A contact down on the semifinal.

9.950 Worley.

Magnelli – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, hit – swap to straddle 1/4, nice positions – aerial, easy – verify on full flip – gainer pike, caught.

That may take Kentucky into 2nd after the primary rotation. 9.925 for Magnelli.

After 1:
Oklahoma 49.675
Kentucky 49.575
Ohio State 49.475
Alabama 49.275

Alabama the weakest crew in rotation 1, actually struggling on these vault landings with giant bounding errors. They’ll really feel lucky to be solely down 3 tenths on Kentucky truthfully. However that’s nonetheless a non-small margin. Kentucky shall be additional happy with beam.

Ohio State not prime two, however a very good rotation and a excessive rating.

What was it you have been saying about 4 judges that means tighter scores?

Rotation 2

“Oklahoma State”

Dunn – BB – OU – again within the leadoff spot – bhs bhs loso, and falls!

Procasky finishes flooring with double tuck, little rebound

Malas – VT – Ohio St – good top on yfull however lands off course with chest ahead and a bounce again. 9.750

Waligora – UB – Alabama – good first hs – blind, small leg break – jaeger and falls – Alabama what’s up with you to date?

Fairly giant bounce again on yfull for Riccardi as effectively. 9.825

9.100 for Dunn. 

Trautman – BB – OU – full flip, good – bhs loso, and she or he falls! Oklahoma counting a fall on beam now.

Oklahoma. Now we’ll see how Oklahoma they are often.

If there are any native arsons within the Norman space, I’ve a suspect.

Machado – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, hit – toe on to van leeuwen, brief hs on excessive – toe full to double tuck, holds the touchdown.

Ohio State will get 9.950 from Harris on vault.

Jennings – VT – Ohio St – good distance on yfull, small bounce again, just a few ft.

Patterson on flooring with a big bounce again on double pike for 9.800. Scores additionally not coming for Kentucky flooring. Sort of a clumsy loso on flooring from Magnelli

Doggette did effectively to work by way of a canopy a tentative 1/2 activate low. In any other case strong on bars.

Bowers – BB – OU – Nicely it is a check – full flip, bhs loso, holds it – break up leap to modify 1/2, good break up place – small rebound on dismount. Huge hit.

Blanco – UB – good hs – pak, legs collectively effectively – hits hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen, legs collectively effectively – slightly rushed on ultimate solid hs – FTDT, step again

49.375 vault for Ohio State. 49.400 bars for Alabama after dropping the autumn.

Kentucky has simply two 9.800s and two 9.850s to date.

Torrez – BB – OU – wolf leap – facet aerial to loso, safe touchdown – swap to straddle, good – 1.5 dismount, caught. Wonderful.

Huge 9.925 for Davis of Kentucky on flooring.

KJ is reiki-ing more durable than she ever has earlier than.

Worley – FX – Kentucky – FTDT, controls the step again – swap ring to modify facet, good – good entrance format together – double tuck, good ft, good touchdown. 9.950

Davis – BB – OU – full flip, easy – bhs loso, holds the touchdown, small squeeze – aerial, good – beat to separate ring leap, strong – 2/1, caught touchdown. chest a bit ahead. 9.925

Smith – BB – OU – bhs loso, strong – aerial, strong – break up leap 1/2 to korbut, barely off line on touchdown – bhs gainer full, caught. Will probably be an enormous rating.


Kentucky goes 49.375 on flooring, an OK rating however not the ground complete they have been hoping for after Ohio State’s 49.475, which is letting everybody in. Ohio State shall be happier with their 49.375 on vault.

Alabama 49.400 on bars was the very best rating of the rotation, which begins bridging the hole slightly, however they’ll have to do extra on beam subsequent.

And Oklahoma. It’s 49.075 with a counting fall (!) due to course it’s. They’ll stay forward of Alabama and are only a tenth behind Ohio State, so it’s in all probability fantastic for them so long as they hit regular rotations within the ultimate two.

After 2:
Kentucky 98.950
Ohio State 98.850
Oklahoma 98.750
Alabama 98.675

It wasn’t boring!

What if it was simply Kentucky and Ohio State that superior?

Rotation 3

Burgess – BB – Alabama – full flip, hit – one arm bhs to loso, leg up wobble – facet aerial, strong – swap to beat leap, good – cat leap to modify facet, good horizontal place –  gainer pike, small slide again.

Procasky, far yfull, little rebound. Davis opens flooring for Oklahoma with successful, no Johnson at the moment. Procasky 9.900, effectively now.

Harris – UB – ohio St – hit ray, toe on to bail, small leg break – hits ultimate solid hs – big full to double tuck, caught, some ft

Smith – FX – OU – strong double tuck, controls touchdown – again 1.5 to entrance lay, good top – swap facet, overturns some into popa – doubel pike, step again, attainable OOB? I suppose not, 9.925

Patterson 9.950 on her handspring pike 1/2. Magnelli follows with a step again on hers. And she or he goes 9.900 with the one-tenth step. Vault scores trended excessive early, and Kentucky the primary to take benefit actually.

Burgess 9.825 opening beam for Alabama.

Waligora – BB – Alabama – full flip, hit – bhs loso, safe with some knee – facet aerial with giant wobble, leg up and switch to the facet – small verify on tuck full – 1.5, holds the stick.

Bounce ahead from Worley on y1.5.

Hankins on bars for Ohio State holds onto the stick on her DLO dismount however in all probability would have acquired much less deduction for a step, bent over previous horizontal.

Bourque – VT – Kentucky – hits Y1.5 with crossover step. Going to be the highest vault crew complete by far as but.

49.450 vault for Kentucky.

Adams – BB – Alabama – hits wolf triple – aerial, good extension – bhs loso, one other giant break, arm wave and switch to the facet – swap to separate, wonderful top – bhs 1.5, little rebound

Miller – UB – Ohio St – a bit shy his – toe on to maloney to bail, good ft positions – DLO, caught touchdown. Good one.

Torrez – FX – OU – DLO, just a bit rebound – break up leap full to wolf full, round – leg up full flip – entrance tuck by way of to double tuck, chest down a bit, holds her entrance foot.

9.950 for Miller. 49.425 for Ohio State on bars, staying in it. .125 behind Kentucky.

Hudson – BB – Alabama – aerial to bhs loso, hit – swap to beat, good break up place – facet aerial, easy – 1.5 dismount, ever so barely shy with slightly foot motion.

And Oklahoma goes to be within the lead once more after the third rotation. This was all very Florida Tremendous Six 2013.

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, good – full flip, easy – bhs loso loso, properly completed – swap to beat, wonderful ft – 1.5, slide again. 9.925

Oklahoma 49.675 flooring, Kentucky 49.450 vault, Alabama 49.425 beam, Ohio State 49.425 bars.

After 3:
Oklahoma 148.425
Kentucky 148.400
Ohio State 148.275
Alabama 148.100

Everybody nonetheless in it, which is form of stunning to me that Alabama remains to be proper on this, and heading to flooring, since they form of struggled on each vault and beam. Ohio State doing all the pieces attainable to remain in, however should convert on beam now.

Rotation 4

Sievers – VT – OU – Y1.5, medium step ahead, hit. 9.875

Davis on bars for Kentucky, slightly brief on her DLO with a hop ahead. Simply 9.800, which is a susceptible rating on this rotation.

Pritchard safe loso on beam for Ohio State.

Stern – VT – OU – Y1.5, small hop ahead

Procasky – UB – Kentucky – good hs on low – maloney to pak, fairly place – 1/2 activate low, hit – good hs on excessive – big full to double tuck, caught touchdown. Good one.

Levasseur sticks her vault for OU. [Open Editor] [Hall of 10s]

Machado – FX – Alabama – double pike, little rebound – again 1.5 to entrance lay, slightly lack of amplitude with a step. Waligora opened their flooring with 9.850

Bunn sticks DLO on bars.

Form of a giant bounce again from Hankins on beam dismount.

DeGuzman – UB – Kentucky – pretty jaeger to bail – nice ft on excessive bar – DLO, very small motion on touchdown.

Davis – VT – OU – sticks her Y1.5, legs on the block. Stable.

Harris – BB – Ohio St – swap to straddle 1/4 – aerial to again tuck mixture is safe – 2/1, small hop again.

Luksik hits her Ray however misses her ft on a toe on and has to recast. DRAMAS! Little little bit of stress on Worley now.

Trautman went 9.975. Oklahoma vaults 49.625 and goes over 198 with a counting fall. 

Gladieux – FX – Alabama – chest down on FTDT, safe step again –

Worley – UB – Kentucky – good hs on excessive – clear hip to tkatchev – good hs on excessive – pak – some again place, hits vertical on hs – FTDT, caught touchdown. BIG hit.

Worley will get 9.900. Kentucky will get 49.450 on bars for a 197.850 complete. Mainly not possible for Ohio State to catch that.

Hudson – FX – Alabama – entrance lay to entrance 2/1, caught touchdown simply ever so barely deep – swap 1/2 to wolf full, good ft positions – 2.5, controls her step – double tuck, chest up, small rebound.

Vetter with a safe loso collection on beam – 2/1, holds touchdown, some leg crossing.

Blanco – FX – Alabama – mathematically eradicated at this level – hits double pike, chest slightly ahead – again 1.5 to entrance lay, effectively managed.

Somebody go inform Kentucky that it’s mathematically not possible for anybody to knock them out proper now.

Hodges – BB – Ohio St – good splits together – bhs loso, safe touchdown – gainer loso, safe, some foot and knee kind – 1.5, holds onto the touchdown.

9.950 for Blanco, Alabama goes 197.650. Hodges goes 9.950, Ohio State completed on 197.725.

QUALIFIED: Oklahoma 198.050, Kentucky 197.850
ELIMINATED: Ohio State 197.725, Alabama 197.650

Kentucky delivered and I believe was the rightful crew to advance from this session (truly stunned it bought as shut because it did). Alabama simply had extra errors, particularly on the vault landings and with the leg-up probabilities on beam. Huge program file efficiency from Ohio State, couldn’t actually have requested for extra from their efficiency.

So now individually we’re taking a look at Payton Harris going for AA, Blanco going for bars, Flatley going for beam, Elexis Edwards for flooring, and I believe Williams of Arkansas for vault?

I believe the massive speaking level shall be whether or not it must be attainable to rely a fall on beam and nonetheless beat groups which might be nonetheless robust who hit, however……a fall is 5 tenths. Is Oklahoma higher than the opposite groups right here by 5 tenths mixed on vault, bars, and flooring? Or .167 higher per occasion? In all probability yeah. To allow them to win with a counting fall. But in addition was the scoring insane? Positively yeah.

Oklahoma was quite a bit higher than everybody else on vault and bars. Oklahoma’s flooring scores seemed actually elevated to me, as did Alabama’s coming after them. That was a really ‘WE SORRY ABOUT BEAM” flooring rotation.

OK UCLA regional, you will have huge sneakers to fill. And doubtless received’t. BUT WHAT IF IT DID.

Rotation 1

Lawrence – BB – Missouri – swap to separate, strong – full flip – facet aerial to bhs, safe, only a little bit of ft – aerial, easy touchdown – 1.5, caught. Good begin. 9.875

O’Keefe hits yfull, good stick. Step again from Chae Campbell on double entrance.

O’Keefe bought 9.925 on vault for a full to leadoff so gird your loins.

Brenner – VT – Utah – just a bit shy on Y1.5 touchdown, small slide again.

Steele – Ub – UCLA – maloney to pak, good – a bit shy on ultimate solid hs – DLO, pikes it down some, hop again

Schaffer – BB – Missouri – aerial, just a bit low however holds it with arms – bhs bhs loso, proper on – swap to separate, good positions – full flip, good – 1.5, little hop. 9.800

“Non-gymnastics associated well being points” is such an in phrase proper now

Padurariu proper to vertical on her bail, nearly went over however stayed on the proper facet of wonderful

Smith – VT – Utah – fairly giant hop ahead on Omelianchik

Harris – UB – UCLA – Ray, good – hits hs – bail – hits hs on excessive – big full, just a bit previous at the moment, DLO, small rebound. 9.900

Rucker sticks her vault. It’s a ten.000, head decide went 9.950.

Davis sticks her gainer full beam dismount.

Gilstrap finishes vault for Utah with a stick on her yfull, however chest ahead and lean to carry it.

Frazier finishes bars for UCLA with a hop again on her DLO. 9.850

In order that shall be 49.575 vault for Utah.

Sheremeta – BB – Missouri – fairly beat leap – bhs loso, good –

Chiles – UB – UCLA – good first hs – piked tkatchev to pak, good – maloney to gienger, proper on – FTDT, holds the touchdown.

Sheremeta nearly sticks her gainer tuck full on beam, little lean and fast salute. 9.850

9.975 for Chiles. UCLA goes 49.400 there.

Hu – BB – Missouri – swingdown mount, pretty – y spin, good – aerial to aerial, good – beat to separate leap 3/4, good ft, round effectively – gainer full, caught. Just a bit low. Wonderful.

Cunningham finishes flooring with double pike, bounce again, some chest place.

9.925 for Hu with a spread of 9.900 to 10.000

Schreiber – BB – Missouri – full flip, good – bhs loso loso, safe touchdown – swap 1/2, small shoulder dip, works shortly into break up leap – beat to gainer full, good.

Davis on flooring ending the rotation, 1.5 to entrance lay, controls the step, some leg separation in 1.5

9.925 for Schreiber to take Missouri to 49.400 on beam. They’re tied with UCLA after one rotation, which is huge for the competitiveness of this meet, however UCLA additionally was slightly blah at first of that rotation so Missouri may need had a possibility to go forward on their finest occasion.

After 1
Utah 49.575
Missouri 49.400
UCLA 49.400
Washington 49.150

Rotation 2

Lee – BB – UCLA – aerial to separate leap, good 180 – bhs loso, small adjustment – swap to straddle, good – gainer full, holds the stick. Good. 9.850

Morgan slightly slide again on bars dismount for Utah. Bouce again for Innes on vault main off Washington.

Smith – UB – Utah – good hs – toe on to maloney, legs collectively to pak – 1/2 activate low, strong vertical – hits hs on excessive – toe on to double arabian, some legs within the air, caught touchdown with a stagger. 9.875

Brooks lands brief on her y1/2 at the moment with a bounce again.

Good safe double tuck on flooring for Kratzer. Giant bounce again on ultimate double pike.

Brenner – UB – Utah – excessive jaeger, caught into overshoot – simply will get that vertical on ultimate solid hs – DLO, small bounce.

Padurariu – hits wolf double – facet aerial to bhs, safe – swap, good – beat to sheep, wobble – 1.5, rises up onto toes to attempt to maintain it.

Thompson – UB – Utah – good hs on low – maloney to pak, good top on pak – hesitates on solid hs 1/2 on low however works by way of it – additionally tight on solid hs on excessive – DLO is sweet, will get stick.

McCrary with a strong double pike on flooring, chest down.

Chiles – BB – UCLA – aerial to bhs loso, strong – swap to wolf leap, little hesitation on touchdown – strong full flip – facet aerial, no bother – double pike, bounce again

On what planet was Thompson’s one of the best bars for Utah to date? O’Keefe sticks her double arabian dismount. Not her finest handstands on this one however strong.

Sheremeta – FX – Missouri – entrance 2/1, little crossover – rudi to pretty loso

SKW vaults for Washington to her knees.

Good bhs loso bhs collection for Harris on beam – swap to separate leap to full flip, comfy on the collection at the moment – 1.5 dismount, caught.

Isa will get the stick on her DLO on bars. Was a bit brief on the enormous full heading into it.

Cunningham sticks her yfull for Washington to drop the SKW fall.

Isa will get 9.900, Utah goes 49.350 on bars to underscore UCLA’s quantity.

Harris will get 9.950 on beam.

Moore – FX – Missouri – DLO, good touchdown – swap 1/2 to popa to popa is sweet – entrance tuck by way of to double tuck, chest up, good touchdown –

Malabuyo arm wave wobble and switch to the facet on her collection on beam. Sticks good gainer full. The remainder was proper on.

Missouri on observe for the very best rating of this rotation, which is precisely what they wanted.

9.950 for Moore.

Celestine – FX – Missouri – may transfer into first with 9.925 right here – FTDT, some leg place, controls the step – break up leap full to separate leap full, good amplitude – again 1.5 to entrance lay, some slide ahead – double tuck, little rebound.

9.900 for Celestine, so Missouri and Utah shall be tied after two. Thanks Missouri for delivering to date.

After 2:
Missouri 98.925
Utah 98.925
UCLA 98.725
Washington 98.300

UCLA should carry the house flooring proper now as a result of they’re beginning to slide again. However you’d favor each UCLA and Utah to realize a number of tenths on Missouri within the third rotation.

UCLA an OK beam rotation, however slightly too wobbly apart from Harris and Lee, which appears them drop again on what must be a very good occasion.

Rotation 3

Lee – FX – UCLA – double tuck, little rebound – brief touchdown on entrance full, knees, lunge again – double pike, fairly strong touchdown, chest down. Nonetheless bought 9.800

McCrary – VT – Missouri – medium bounce again on yfull, some knees – 9.825

Morgan for Utah had a verify on dance touchdown, in any other case strong.

Schreiber VT – Missouri – yfull, finds the stick, bends a bit down for it with some chest place. 9.900

Moody fairly huge bounce again on bars dismount for Washington.

Oh look the scores broke once more.

Davis – VT – Missouri – strong top on yfull however a bounce again

Malabuyo – FX – UCLA – double tuck, bounce again – 1.5 to format, good format top, dance out – swap ring to modify 1/2, pretty – double pike, controls. 9.900

Nonetheless ready on Morgan’s beam rating. Wasn’t watching shut sufficient to see if there was something SV there.

Medium step ahead for Celestine on 1.5. Moore follows with an enormous stick on hers.

Paulson – BB – Missouri – facet aerial to loso, hit – safe leap collection – beat to facet aerial to format 1.5, good stick. 9.900

9.975 for Moore. Wish to clarify the distinction to me between Rucker and Moore?

Harris – FX – UCLA – FTDT, bounce again at the moment – double tuck, slide again – break up leap full to popa, good break up positions – again 1.5 to 1/2 to double stag, good management. 9.900

Eaker – BB – Utah – swap mount to separate leap, no bother at the moment – full flip, hit – facet aerial to loso, good touchdown, chest down – gainer full, low amplitude, caught. 9.950

49.450 vault for Missouri. Enormous deal for them. Will maintain them RIGHT on this heading to the final occasion.

Frazier – FX – UCLA – whip by way of to double tuck, her finest open on a double tuck like ever – break up leap full to popa to popa, much like final time, a lot increased and horizontal popas than ordinary – double pike, little rebound. 9.950.

Isa – BB – Utah – candle mount – bhs loso loso, good management – full flip, overturns by a 1/4 flip, types it out – strong straddle 1/4 – bhs gainer full, strong apart from the flip.

Campbell – FX – UCLA – FTDT, holds the touchdown – break up leap full to popa, round effectively – entrance lay to entrance full, hit – double tuck, controls entrance foot. Good. 9.950

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – facet aerial to loso, proper on – swap to separate leap, good positions – full flip, easy – beat – bhs gainer full, caught, wonderful. 9.950

Chiles – FX – UCLA – DLO, good management – double tuck, little rebound – break up leap full to wolf full, round effectively – double pike, good one.

Gilstrap – BB – Utah – wolf flip, hit – cat leap to aerial, good leg place in aerial – bhs again pike, safe touchdown – swap to separate to beat, bhs 1.5, almost held onto the touchdown, step-salute.

Chiles will get 10.000 for that flooring for a 49.700 rotation complete.








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