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Regionals Dwell Weblog – Day 5

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Sunday, April 2 SCORES STREAM
5:00pm ET/
2:00pm PT
Pitt Regional Closing
[2] Florida
[7] Cal
[10] Michigan State
[15] Arizona State
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT
Denver Regional Closing
[3] Michigan
[6] LSU
[11] Oregon State
[13] Denver

Final day! 4 extra groups to advance!

Within the Pitt regional remaining, it’s going to be incumbent upon Cal to get a strong quantity beginning out on vault. If they are often prime 2 after what is usually their lowest-scoring occasion, that will be a profitable indicator for the day. They definitely gained’t anticipate to have the ability to go underneath 49 once more and nonetheless be OK, although Michigan State can even know {that a} repeat of the 49.0 beam from the semifinal isn’t going to be sufficient anyway, not with the best way Arizona State scored.

As for Florida, they clearly have the personnel to fill within the vacated Thomas spots and nonetheless rating effectively, however it’s an unavoidable lack of tenths that lowers their means to Oklahoma and nonetheless come out on prime. 

Rotation 1

Blakely – UB – Florida – maloney to pak, very small leg break – toe circle as much as excessive – hits hs on excessive – toe 1/2 just a little previous, double entrance, good stick. 9.850

Li – VT – Cal – yfull, just a little flatter than her standard however high quality, small hop again. 9.800

Kalefe – BB – MSU – bhs bhs loso, safe touchdown – change to tuck bounce 1/1, round – gainer full, holds touchdown with arm wave. Strong.9.900

Williams – VT – Cal – holds onto a godo stick on yfull with an arm wave

Nguyen hits bars, just a little previous on her 1/2 activate low, small rebound again on DLO dismount. 9.875

Harkness – BB – MSU – good full flip, bhs loso, strong – aspect aerial, good one – change to change is good – cat leap to aspect aerial to tuck 1.5, caught. Good. 9.875

Clark with a bounce again on opening double pike on ground

DiCello – UB – Florida – hits Ray, strong hs on excessive – pak to etoe on to van leeuwen, legs collectively effectively – FTDT, holds keep on with just a little lean.

DeSouza – VT – Cal – y1.5, medium hop ahead, legs on the block.

Nikki Smith – BB – MSU – bhs loso, good touchdown – change to straddle 1/4, easy – double tuck is hit at the moment, simply small motion. 9.900

Wong sticks her DLO on bars.

Lauzon – VT – Cal – Y1.5, hits, hop ahead, smaller hop than Desouza and a bit stronger distance and physique place.

Schulte – BB – MSU – full flip, strong – change to change 1/2 to beat, good peak – bhs loso, massive break, step again, bend over –

McCusker clear, small step again on double tuck.

Frazier does certainly one of her greatest DTYs of the 12 months, small hop again, Cal wanted it. 9.900 to get them to 49.275.

Wong went 9.975 on bars, McCusker went 9.925 with a one tenth step on dismount.

Richards – Ub – Florida – maloney with leg break into bail, strong – hits hs on excessive – DLO, chest down, hop ahead. Most likely the drop quantity however an enormous rotation rating.

Stephen – BB – MSU – aerial to 2 ft, holds it with arm wave – bhs loso, some knee, strong touchdown – beat to straddle 1/2, hit – 2/1 dismount, some leg crossing, holds onto the touchdown, a bit deep.

Florida goes 49.575 on bars, Cal 49.275 on vault.

Garcia – BB – MSU – full flip, hit – bhs loso, fairly – aerial, jusst retains shifting into a superb break up bounce, just a little low in aerial – change to separate bounce, clear – bhs gainer full, caught. 9.875

Robust opening beam rotation for Michigan State.

Scharf – FX – ASU – entrance tuck by to double tuck, bounce again, a bit uncontrolled – entrance full to entrance tuck, underneath management – change 1/2 to wolf full, good ft, round – double pike, chest up, slide again

After 1:
Florida 49.575
Michigan State 49.425
Arizona State 49.300
Cal 49.275

Cal undoubtedly improved on their vault efficiency from the semifinal, however a not-insignificant margin to beat right here now. They’ll want a kind of huge bars moments developing.

Cal went up .350 on their semifinal vault, and Michigan State went up .400 on their semifinal beam. Retaining the strain on one another and on Florida. Florida improved .050 on their semifinal bars, whereas Arizona State went down .125 from their semifinal ground.

Rotation 2

Jaslow – VT – ASU  – long way on yfull however chest ahead with a hop forward.

Blakely – BB – Florida – aerial to bhs, strong – change to change 1/2, a bit underneath however safe, connects to beat – full flip – gainer full, possibly just a little rebound, good.

Caught FTDT from DeSouza on bars. Smith with a slide again on remaining cross on ground however retains it in bounds.

Frazier second spot on bars with a caught DLO. Good one, regarded just a little shut coming in on her pak however labored out of it easily.

Good management on yfull touchdown from Mangahas, small rebound in place.

Lazzari – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, good sequence – change to separate, good foot positions – aerial, easy – full flip – gainer full, bounce again. 9.875

Good stick from Theodorou on vault. Perea hop again on DLO on bars.

Smith – VT – ASU – y1.5, will get her stick effectively. Tackles her coach. Andi Li sticks double tuck on bars.

DiCello – BB – Florida – change to separate, easy – bhs loso, proper on – aerial, strong – gainer full, holds the touchdown. Additionally good.

Williams – UB – Cal – maloney to pak, pretty leg positions – 1/2 activate low bar – hits solid hs on excessive – DLO, holds onto the touchdown with an arm wave. 9.950

Arizona State with an enormous 49.450 on vault. They’re staying in.

Wong – BB – Florida – change to separate leap, easy – bhs loso, safe – full flip, hit – aerial to beat, good – 2/1, caught with a stagger. Florida proper on with this beam rotation. And she or he will get 9.975

McCusker – BB – Florida – wolf flip, good – aerial, holds it effectively coming in just a little low, no examine – bhs loso, strong – change to separate leap, good work – gainer full, caught. Florida may have an enormous beam end result.

Smith with a safe again 1.5 to entrance lay second cross on ground for MSU, double tuck, controls entrance foot.

Payton Richards with a strong loso sequence, coming within the anchor spot for Florida – change 1/2, underneath break up, connects to beat bounce – change to straddle, good – bhs 1.5, caught.

Schulte – FX – MSU – good FTDT, ever so slight motion – change 1/2 to popa to straddle, pretty foot positions – entrance tuck by to double tuck, barely uncontrolled on rebound.

Florida goes 49.600 on beam, Cal 49.525 on bars, Michigan State 49.475 on ground, Arizona State 49.450 on vault.

After 2:
Florida 99.175
Michigan State 98.900
Cal 98.800
Arizona State 98.750

Crucial rotation coming now. Cal will need to hit an enormous beam to remain on this, a attainable space for them to achieve that tenth again whereas Michigan State is on vault. Arizona State staying shut with that vault rotation, needing to attempt to match what Florida and Cal have accomplished on bars, each going over 49.5 thus far.

In comparison with the semifinal, Michigan State is plus .400, Cal is plus .375, Arizona State is plus .100, and Florida is plus .075.

Rotation 3

Nyah Smith – VT – MSU – yfull, struggles doesn’t get the block she needed, lands brief, step ahead, might want to drop it. 9.700

Nguyen a bit uncontrolled into sissone out of her first cross however retains her life collectively. Reeves small slide again on DLO on bars.

Garcia – VT – MSU – yfull, higher, small hop again, some chest place. 9.825

DeSouza on beam sticks her 1.5 on the finish of a safe leadoff. 9.900

Samiley – UB – ASU – stalder to blind to jaeger to overshoot, good – DLO, good stick.

Hsu – VT – MSU – hits a strong yfull coming into the lineup however a fairly large bounce again. 9.800

Baumann – FX – Florida – again 1.5 to entrance full, good management – finishes with double pike, LARGE stumble again and OOB, might want to drop that.

Mangahas hits a pleasant routine on the bars, just a little steppy on dismount.

Maddie Williams sticks her gainer full off target.

Schulte – VT – MSU _ yfull, higher amplitude, hop again. 9.850

Scharf – UB – ASU – maloney is hit into pak, clear – some elbows on big full, FTDT, good save on that touchdown, got here in just a little deep however held it with small motion.

Nikki Smith – VT – MSU – medium one tenth tempo ahead on y1.5, however a helpful rating, long way.

Richards hits her DLO on ground for Florida, chest a bit ahead.

Good DLO stick from White on bars for Arizona State.

Stephen – VT – MSU – yfull, nice amplitude and open however she would have preferred extra management, in all probability a tenth on the bounce again.

Frazier – BB – Cal – coming after three 9.900s – full flip, just a little tentative – aerial to again loso, related solidly – break up bounce to separate ring, regarded hit, dangerous angle for us – sticks 1.5 dismount, a fourth strong routine. 

Wong with an necessary save on her piked double arabian, coming in deep however nonetheless will get the stag bounce out of it – again 1/2 to entrance full, little bit of a slide ahead – 

And Frazier goes 9.950 for Cal.

Wong goes 9.925 on ground, which I’m stunned by (not truly)

Lauzon – BB – Cal – wolf single, good – bhs bhs loso sequence, lands securely – change to separate, good positions – 2/1, dismount, caught. Very good. 9.950

DiCello – FX – Florida – entrance 2/1, crossover step, just a little underroated with some knees – change ring to change 1/2, hit – wolf double, round, just a little leany – 1.5 to entrance lay, safe

Perea – BB – Cal – wolf double, good – kickover to again tuck, strong – swithc to separate to beat, good – aspect somi to tuck 1.5 dismount, holds the stick.

Blakely with a step ahead OOB on ground for Florida. They have already got that 9.650 from Baumann in there so should rely this one thinks. Does effectively to get her 1.5 to structure.

Cal will get a 9.950 for Perea and a 49.650 rotation rating on beam to ascertain 2 tenths on Arizona State and .325 on Michigan State.

It’s 9.750 for Blakely that can rely, so Florida has simply .050 on Cal heading to vault, the place the landings will now be tremendous vital.

After 3:
Florida 148.500
Cal 148.450
Arizona State 148.250
Michigan State 148.125

Robust vault rating at a troublesome second there for Michigan State. They are often nice on bars, however it’s a gap of greater than three tenths now. Arizona State staying with Cal however should convert beam in addition to the three groups earlier than them. They’ll get pleasure from that nobody has been underneath 49.425 on beam thus far.

The most important check of all right here could also be Cal needing to point out that the early-season ground touchdown issues are really a factor of the previous. You’d like to the of their place ending on ground, however they need to land. And boy does Florida need a good y1.5 day.

Rotation 4

Schulte – UB – MSU – good first hs – maloney, some leg separation there and within the related bail – hits hs on excessive bar effectively – DLO, caught touchdown.

Wong – VT – Florida – ro 1/2 on pike 1/2, certainly one of her higher touchdown controls, medium hop again.

Lee on beam for ASU, small examine on loso sequence. Hits sheep bounce. 1.5 dismount, arm wave to attempt to maintain it, little step. Desouza management the step on again 1/5 to entrance full.

Zsarmani hits bars for MSU however chest down on DLO. Nonetheless goes 9.850

Good stick on y1.5 from Richards, just a few knees. And she or he will get 9.950.

Reeves hits her bhs bhs loso on beam for Reeves, some knees, safe touchdown –

Stephen – UB – MSU – toe on to maloney – hits hs on excessive – clear hip to bail, possibly a little bit of hip angle – FTDT, good stick.

Blakely sits down her Y1.5 on vault. In order that’s one thing. Will they’ve Nguyen go now?

Perea finishes ground for Cal with a strong 1.5 to structure. Following 9.900 for DeSouza. She goes 9.875

Jackard – UB – MSU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, pretty ft – bail, good handstand place – good double tuck place within the dismount however is available in deep with a hop.

Following 9.900 for Stephen.

DiCello lands just a little brief on her y1.5 on vault however OK, step again. 9.875

Clark – VT – Florida – yfull, massive bounce again however successful.

Nikki Smith holds the stick on her DLO on bars for Michigan State.

Sure, Florida will sub out Nguyen and have Edwards go. Good move.

Harkness – UB – MSU – toe on to gienger, pretty – good hs on excessive – bail, good leg place – good hs on excessive – FTDT, just a little deep, some motion again, good hit.

Edwards – VT – Florida -long wait, in all probability scared everybody with a pant lineup change – yfull, she hits it, chest down, hop ahead. A secure vault however successful one. 9.750

Michigan State is finished on 197.650. An enormous meet regardless, however they are going to be .150 down on Florida’s 197.800.

Li – FX – Cal – good entrance 2/1 – entrance full to entrance lay is clear, controls the step – change to change ring 1/2, good – they’ll simply want yet another hit now.

White finishes beam for ASU with a step ahead on 1.5.

Lauzon – FX – Cal – entrance 2/1 to entrance tuck, safe touchdown – change aspect to popa – again 1.5 to entrance full, caught it, she is available in low on that full however all the time appears to search out the touchdown.

That can simply get the 9.825 Cal must win the meet.

Scharf finishes beam for Arizona State with a small step on touchdown. A robust competitors for them, simply working up towards a troublesome session.

9.950 for Lauzon as Cal will win the meet. They gave away nearly nothing after that vault rotation.

Frazier – FX – Cal – DLO, controls her entrance foot – change work is great – entrance tuck by to double tuck, hit to complete the meet. 

QUALIFIED: Cal 198.075, Florida 197.800
ELIMINATED: Michigan State 197.650, Arizona State 197.475

Florida finally ends up having the ability to face up to the counting OOB on ground and defeat Michigan State by .150. Robust performances all through from Michigan State and Arizona State. Michigan State simply didn’t get the scores on vault, actually the one factor they might have accomplished. Michigan State has a case right here, I believe, however Florida was very excellent in these first two rotations, which helped make up for lots. Can be enjoyable to return and watch all of the routines from these two groups to check.

At this level I absolutely anticipate the Denver remaining, which was speculated to be the thrilling one, be a complete dud after these first three.

People from this one might be Scharf for AA, Piedrahita for vault, Rushlow for bars, Stephen for beam, and Harkness for ground.

Denver goes to want a biiigggggg ground like Friday, as a result of all these different groups can 49.5 on their first occasions.

Rotation 1

Heiskell – UB – Michigan – blind to jaeger, good – hits hs on excessive 0 big full to double tuck, just a bit rebound in place, clear begin. 9.950

Elena Arenas sticks her yfull to begin. Ruiz falls on her opening cross on ground. In order that’s not….an enormous ground thus far. And now Ruiz simply does a again structure remaining cross. So if she’s additionally feeling it, that’s tough for Denver.

Wilson – UB – Michigan – blind to piked jaeger and misses!

Shchennikova hits her y1.5 however a fairly large lunge ahead. 9.825

Domingo – BB – Oregon St – aerial to again pike, sturdy connection – following 9.850 from Peterson – good full flip -switch to straddle bounce, small pause earlier than break up 3/4, was just a little tighter on her break up 3/4 at the moment – gainer full, holds keep on with arm wave.

Brock – VT – LSU – just a bit shy on her Y1.5 with a step again, small however nonetheless a tenth step. And she or he will get 9.900

Koulos – UB – Michigan – a bit tight on first hs – blind to jaeger, good extension – bail, hit – hits remaining hs higher – DLO, small motion, good.

Finnegan – VT – LSU – medium step ahead on Omelianchik

Iwai – FX – Denver – again 1.5 to entrance lay to stag, hit, will get just a little low in there – change full is round – double tuck, hop to current

KJ Johnson is again on vault for LSU at the moment. Good yfull, good standard peak, hop again.

Bauman hits bars for Michigan, step again on dismount. Bev trying in “lower a bitch” mode.

Gonzales – BB – Oregon St – aerial, good leg place, connects to again tuck – aspect aerial, easy – cat leap to change 1/2, massive break, bit leg up wobble and a step again – entrance gainer full, caught.

Brooks sticks dismount on bars. Bryant lands a slight bit deep on her handspring pike 1/2 with a bounce again at the moment, so not her ideally suited.

49.375 for LSU on vault. High-quality not nice.

Wojcik – UB – Michigan – good first hs – toe on to deltchev to overshoot, wonderful – good hs on excessive – DLO, slide again. In order that they keep away from counting a fall and may have a strong rating.

Dagen – BB – Oregon St – bhs loso, safe touchdown, chest down – beat to change 1/2, underneath however not as underneath as final time, examine – change to pike bounce, safe – 1.5, as much as toes to attempt to management it.

So Michigan will get 49.650 on bars after they drop that fall. A very good 5 routines, additionally bars scores persevering with the development from Friday night time.

Mabanta on ground will get the touchdown on her structure together, just a little low however discovered the management – change ring 1/2 is ideal – entrance lay to rudi, little rebound –

Carey – BB – Oregon St – aerial, good legs, retains shifting into break up bounce – bhs loso, safe – change to change aspect, landed – gainer full, caught. Nailed routine. A type of the place they’ll take the rhythm, ranges, aspect choreo issues in that routine if they need, however no checks, tremendous strong, and when you’re not taking these issues for everybody, you may’t begin with Jade.

Hutchinson – FX – Denver – entrance 2/1, little bit of a rebound – again 1.5 to entrance lay, good rise in that structure – change 1/2 to separate full, clearly round – entrance rudi to straddle bounce, managed effectively – perspective flip. 9.900

Oregon State will get a 9.975 for Carey (really feel like they have been OK with it?) so Oregon State goes 49.400 on beam.

Brown – FX – Denver – DLO, chest down, little rebound – change ring to change 1/2, good positions – 1.5 by to 1.5 entrance tuck, didn’t appear underneath however she does step again.

Michigan establishing a transparent lead early.

After 1:
Michigan 49.650
Denver 49.425
Oregon State 49.400
LSU 49.375

Michigan establishing a transparent lead early.

Denver will get a 9.950 from Brown, which is fairly excessive for me, which places them into 2nd with 49.425. Strong however not as enormous because the semifinal. Equally, Oregon State may have third place with a seemingly strong rating of 49.400 on beam however that’s their lowest beam rating since January. They often want that occasion to ship a much bigger quantity. 

Whereas LSU is in final after vault (not ideally suited) they may observe that this vault is up .125 on the semifinal, whereas Oregon State is down .050 and Denver is down .175. 

to see what occurs to Denver on vault now. That was a low rating within the semifinal. The problem for LSU now’s going to be getting by their weaker occasions with rating which might be higher than the vault they only put up.

Rotation 2

Jeffrey – UB – LSU – maloney to pak, hit, loses a little bit of ft on the finish of the pak – good certical on 1/2 activate low – FTDT, excessive, lands in a deeper squat to search out the stick.

And Carly Bauman falls within the leadoff spot once more for Michigan, this time on a aspect somi. Michigan giving themselves coronary heart assaults.

Hutchinson with a step ahead on y1.5 for Denver, legs aside on block.

Cowan is available in on bars at the moment for LSU, arch in remaining solid handstand, saves it, step again on dismount. They went 9.950 for Jeffrey which was fairly excessive. And 9.850 for Cowan. Free bars scoring.

Brown – VT – Denver – very nice stick on y1.5, a distance deduction undoubtedly, however a fantastic touchdown.

Brown – BB – Michigan – hitch kick – bhs loso, good peak – change to change bounce combo, higher peak on second change at the moment however a examine on touchdown – double tuck dismount, fairly massive lunge again

Denver has Casali doing a full on vault at the moment, small hop again

Finnegan – UB – LSU – hits good first hs – piked deltchev, good – hits hs – toe on to bail, good foot place – strong hs on excessive – double arabian dismount, lunge ahead. 9.850. You need to take a tenth for the touchdown, however to have that the identical as Cowan’s is bizarre.

Ruiz hits yfull for Denver with little bounce again

Koulos – BB – Michigan – bhs loso, strong – perspective flip, good – beat to straddle 3/4, safe – cat leap to aerial, easy – 1.5 dismount, little hop.

Shchennikova miracle touchdown on her DLO, lands absolutely tucked however doesn’t transfer.

Brooks – BB – Michigan – bhs loso sequence, strong – change to change, good – bhs 2/1, strong touchdown.

Nice bars from Bryant, caught touchdown. Gonzales sticks a double pike on ground for Oregon State.

Denver 49.275 on vault. Enchancment however not excessive the best way the scores on this one have been going.

Bryant 9.975 bars. LSU 49.525 on bars, which they wanted, places them forward of Denver.

Heiskell – BB – Michigan – cat leap to aspect aerial, easy – change to change, hit – bhs loso, step again however saves it on the beam – full flip – 1.5 dismount, slide again.

Dagen – FX – Oregon St – bounce again on opening rudi – change leap full, just a little overturned to popa and straddle, good straddles – double pike, fairly massive bounce again, stays in

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – aerial to beat bounce, fairly – change to separate, effectively accomplished – bhs bhs loso, securely landed – 1.5, hop ahead.

Michigan surviving two early fall rotations thus far.

Carey – FX – Oregon St – double double, chest up at the moment, controls the step again it regarded from our angle – change 1/2 to popa – entrance lay to double pike, some knees, sturdy touchdown once more. They want like an 11 proper now from that. 9.900.

So it’s a 49.325 beam for Michigan, Denver 49.275 on vault, LSU 49.525 on bars. and Carey’s rating takes Oregon State to 49.350 on ground.

After 2:
Michigan 98.975
LSU 98.900
Oregon State 98.750
Denver 98.700

That’s a tough place for Oregon State proper now as a result of their two greatest occasions are accomplished they usually’re not within the prime 2 positions. LSU ought to really feel alright about this present place, however they nonetheless need to hit themselves a beam rotation. Denver desperately on the lookout for a few of that juicy juicy bars scoring proper about now.

Rotation 3

Garcia strong yfull touchdown for Oregon State, small motion again, not probably the most distance or peak however good management.

Ruiz caught DLO on bars. Arenas hits loso sequence on beam, a little bit of knee – kickover, safe, a bit deep – change 1/2, underneath ssplit however safe – 1.5 dismount, step again

Ruiz will get 9.900 on bars.

Casali – UB – Denver – good hs – toe on to maloney to bail, legs collectively – brief solid hs on excessive – DLO, good peak, small motion again

The 9.850s are coming for Oregon State’s yfulls for small hops again, which they wanted.

Shchennikova – BB – LSU – following 9.850 for Arenas – full flip, hit – aerial, to bhs bhs, good aerial place – change to separate, strong – aspect aerial, holds it, doesn’t actually give away a examine – bhs gainer full, holds the stick, fairly massive lean ahead. However certainly one of her safer beams.

Rorich UB – Denver – blind to jaeger, shut catch, casts out of it with an arch – DLO, small slide again. Following two 9.900s however they’ll need to drop this. But additionally 9.850 as a result of these bars scores.

Gonzales goes 9.900 on vault with a bounce again on hers. Dagen hits her y1.5, hop ahead, knees.

Jeffrey – BB – LSU – cat leap to change aspect is hit – bhs loso, safe – standing entrance tuck, deeper with an arm wave correction – 1.5, holds it.

Brown additionally just a little arch on her handstand on excessive however pulls it again, good DLO, caught.

Wojcik hits remaining double pike on ground, chest ahead with a step.

Oregon State went 49.400 on vault. Good job me on lacking Carey’s vault. Not prefer it’s necessary or something. However that’s an necessary excessive vault rating for them. Vault scores have risen for the reason that first rotation. Who had Oregon State beating LSU there? Unsure I see that based mostly on the routines.

Hutchinson – Ub – Denver – good maloney, connects to pak, leg separation in pak – brief hs on excessive with angle – DLO, holds onto the touchdown with a squat.

Morrison – FX – Michigan – FTDT, wonderful touchdown – entrance lay to entrance full, controls the step ahead – change aspect, just a little overturn to wolf full, good peak – double tuck, hit, possibly just a little slide

Tempo ahead on beam dismount for Ballard.

Bryant – BB – LSU – aerial to bhs, good – change to straddle 1/4, safe – standing entrance tuck, safe touchdown – break up bounce, clear – punch rudi, caught. Wonderful, saving this staff each minute.

Brooks – FX – Michigan – FTDT, simply does hold that entrance foot down, just a little massive on the lunge – break up leap full to leap full, good – entrance tuck by to double tuck, related touchdown to the primary cross

Finnegan – BB – LSU – bhs loso loso, safe – swithc to separate, good ft and place – full flip, easy – aerial, effectively prolonged – gainer full, step again.

Guggino – FX – Michigan – double pike, hit – entrance lay to a entrance full, good rise on entrance full, slide ahead – rudi, bounce again

LSU will get 9.900 for Finnegan on beam for an enormous 49.425. They’ll have a transparent edge for the highest 2 and can get to go to ground now.

We are able to all agree that the judging at this regional has been the dumbest proper? Denver’s bars scoring right here may need been much more wild than LSU’s.

After 3:
Michigan 148.325
LSU 148.325
Denver 148.250
Oregon State 148.150

Effectively nobody’s feeling that good proper now. You’d assume this was huge hassle for Oregon State heading to their weak occasion in final place, however the best way this loopy bars scoring has gone at the moment…

LSU tied for first going into ground, they couldn’t actually ask for a greater scenario for themselves although nobody has damaged out on ground at the moment thus far. Michigan going to vault with the issue in hand and can hope these rising scores carry by. Going to beam is all the time rougher, however it may be an enormous rating for Denver. Like ground, the beam judges have been just a little extra…watching the routines at the moment.

Rotation 4

Beeman – UB – Oregon State – blind with a little bit of legs into jaeger, shut catch – small rebound on her dismount

Wojcik with a superb Y1.5, little hop ahead, little bit of legs. Ballard safe touchdown on DLO, 1.5 to entrance lay is snug, change to change ring leap, low again leg on change

Brown sticks gainer full on beam.

Wilson – VT – Michigan – bigger tempo ahead on Y1.5. However she will get the next rating than Wojcik. 9.900.

Miller on bars, bounce again on DLO for Oregon State. She’s following 9.850 for Beeman, so Oregon State getting the elevated bars scores as effectively.

Morrison – VT – Michigan – medium hop ahead on y1.5

Mabanta – BB – Denver – bhs loso, safe – she’s following 9.950 for Brown. Be careful. break up leap to change 1/2, good – swtich to separate, snug – gainer pike, caught.

Brooks, strong on her y1.5, small hop ahead

Weaver good stick on double tuck dismount for Oregon State. Good management at the moment for Schehnnikova on her rudi to separate bounce to finish on ground.

And Mabanta goes 9.975 on beam! That is going to get controversialllllll.

Heiskell – VT – Michigan – pretty type on her y1.5 however a big certain ahead.

Iwai with a safe bhs loso on beam – aspect aerial into a pleasant break up place on break up bounce – gainer full, just a little low, caught touchdown, good.

Brock lands just a little brief on her double pike on ground, step ahead. again 1.5 to entrance full is good.

Morgan – Vt – Michigan – yfull, wonderful stick they usually wanted it.

Schlottman – BB – Denver – full flip, good – bhs loso, extra type than the others, examine – very low on a break up bounce 3/4 place however safe – aspect aerial, hit, a little bit of knee – bhs gainer full, caught.

49.425 for Michigan on vault. Not immune. 

Arenas – FX – LSU – entrance 2/1, controls step out –

Carey – Ub – Oregon St – maloney to bhardwaj is hit – van leeuwen, strong – hits hs on excessive – FTDT, small slide.

Oregon State won’t be able to catch Michigan.

Arenas finishes with a caught entrance lay to entrance full, legs aside on structure.

Thompson – BB – Denver – aspect aerial to bhs, some ft and amplitude, however safe – swtich to change, good – aspect aerial to structure 1.5, tried to stay however finally ends up with a hop ahead and lean-full salute.

Oregon State comes up just one tenth shy of Michigan.

Arenas 9.875 on ground.

Finnegan – FX – LSU – double arabian, connects into stag, just a little low on stag – 2.5 to entrance tuck, an ungainly deep touchdown with a dance step round, opens the door to take some issues.

Hutchinson – BB – Denver – they’ve defeated Michigan already and have certified – kickover to bhs is good – change to separate, good – kickover, strong – gainer full.

I believe Bryant wants 9.950.

Bryant – FX – LSU – double arabian, caught touchdown – entrance lay to rudi, nailed the touchdown – break up bounce – change ring to change 1/2, hit. Effectively let’s see. I think about they’ll go there for her.

Hutchinson went 9.950. Denver goes 197.875 remaining rating.

9.950 for Bryant! LSU takes the place based mostly on the counting all six scores tiebreak!

You add the sixth scores in, and Michigan had these two falls that they dropped.

QUALIFIED: Denver 197.875, LSU 197.750
ELIMINATED: Michigan 197.750, Oregon State 197.650

To be sincere, I don’t see it. You like an upset, however Michigan was simply a top-2 staff at the moment, and for my cash, the highest staff at the moment. A minimum of from the routines I noticed. I mentioned the earlier meet could be a enjoyable rewatch, however um….THIS ONE. Very to see who I believe ought to have superior after watching all of the routines with extra non-live focus.

I like that they’ve the calculator out. Dude, Michigan had two falls, they lose the tiebreak.

Particular person qualifiers might be Heiskell for AA, Morrison for vault, Wojcik for bars, Carey for beam and Brooks for ground. Additionally wild that Carey doesn’t go for AA.

So it wasn’t a dud I suppose.

Bracket blown up on this aspect of the draw. Alternatives abound.




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